WEDS 27th April - SAT 30th April 2022

Exhibiton Open: 
27th - 30th April 2022
12 -6 pm

Special Events:
Thursday 28th April 7pm:

Live music by Tremolo Ghosts and Memotone. Tickets here

Friday 29th April 7pm

Performances by Zero Gravity Tea Ceremony and The Dolebury Warren Quartet. Tickets here.

Saturday April 30th 7pm

Poetry and music; Saili Katebe, Jack Young, Amali Gunasekera, Zoey Feist & Lucia Sellars tickets here

 “life always seems like a plant
  that lives on its rhizome.
  It’s true life is invisible,
  hidden in the rhizome”
  Carl Jung

What we see of any being, is just the top of the iceberg. Who are they, is even hidden to themselves, in their unconsciousness. As humans we live life in immediate reaction to our environment, whilst our inner mechanics which make externalised choices are a black box. Nobody knows what is going on within the black box. Only the owner of the black box can have a hint of what is happening within.
Myths are all the stories ever told and yet to be told. Partly real, partly supernatural, they tell the story of a journey. Is not just a case of entertainment but a search of understanding the self in relationship to the world and its forces. Imagination, creativity and dreams are key in this journey. The creation of myths, or mythopoesis, is relevant to each and every one of us.

In the search of who we are, and our purpose in this world The Mythos Collective explores through painting and ceramics, artefacts of these myths which carry many symbols used to interpret the ambiguous and blurry realities that we are forged into. 
A language for each individual, that is. A system of communication built around and for each individual. An arch of understanding solely designed for the self.

Come and have a peek into the ‘other’ and yourself.

Artists to exhibit are:

The Mythos Collective Exhibition has been curated by Lucia Sellars (www.luciasellars.org)

Durnford Street