Sami Green X Simiah + Sophia Gazla

Sat 3rd - Weds 7th July

A metaphysical exploration of light, sound, and texture captured through conversations between object, technology, and human experience. Emergentism is a collaboration that builds on a new body of artwork by Sami Green, based on research into the life cycles and new beginnings, symbolised by seed pods. They are containers for ideas and feelings, driven by a passion for the preservation of our natural world and admiration for its intrinsic beauty. Sculptural objects become the intention, coloured light and sound represent the metaphysical. Nature, perception, and experience are woven together through the process of visual interaction and immersion.

Sami Green, a 2021 graduate of University Center Somerset has worked with electronic music producer Simiah to isolate frequencies representing coloured light to develop the potential of sensory impact with audio soundscapes. Simiah is well known to the music world for his contributions to hip hop, with numerous releases on the King Underground and Cut N Paste Labels.

Bristol-Based Artist and Counselling Psychologist, Sophia Gazla,

For the Emergentism exhibition, Sophia’s works will be motivated by colour frequencies and soundscapes created by Simiah, to explore the synesthetic qualities of colour and sound in the immersive experience. Embodying personal response as a material and physical perspective and exploring the idea that painting can be an expressive and regenerative process, supporting alignment
and transformation.