Narrating images
by Viola Bruni

Exhibition Opening: 20th October 6.30 - 8.30 pm
Performance times: 20th October 7.30 pm

“Photography captures way more than a momentary image: there is a story, true or one that I invent. There are sensations that evoke memories on which I can expand. There are the seeds of a thousand other images. I wish to convey that sense of limitless imaginative potential into my writing, and inspire others to use their imaginations and write their own stories”

Viola is an Italian artist with vast experience as performer and movement director. In their creative process, they have always used writing and photography as a source for inspiration. When pandemic hit this practice became more and more important as it provided a creative outlet they could pursue independently when it was not possible to get together and create shows.
This exhibition is a collection of a series of photography with accompanying short stories and poems written in the past two years. The audience is invited to take part and respond to the images and the writings on display by adding their contributions to the stories writing the continuation or the prequel, mixing characters from one story to the other, or inventing new stories inspired by the images on display. Paper and pens will be provided, and who wants can leave the stories in the space for everyone to read. There will be a space to sit, relax, and share stories while sipping on a cup of tea.
On the opening night Viola will present Ain’t no grave, a short, work-in-progress performance that she created from her writings. This will be followed by a presentation of the process used to create the performance and an informal Q&A and audience feedback session.

Exhibition Opening: 20th October 6.30 - 8.30 pm
Performance times: 20th October 7.30 pm
The gallery will be also open for visits on the 21st October 10 am till 5 pm

Ain’t no graveCredits
Director and Writer:
Viola BruniPerformers:
K-tyn Tang
Natalie Christensen
Willow Vidal-Hall

Video by:
Sebastián Morales Castillo

Find out more about the artist:
Instagram @viola.bruni